Whilst I have always had an interest in drawing and art in general my early career was in science research. It was only when I became home-based with children that I was able to indulge and extend this interest to what has become a full-time occupation.

I spent two fantastic years at Central St. Martins from 1995-1997, leaving with a post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Stained Glass, an MA in Fine Art and a huge enthusiasm for the material of glass. I also knew I wanted to teach.

I have been involved with the Adult Education Sector for fourteen years now and I love teaching. I get enormous satisfaction from helping others achieve and feel privileged to have worked with some outstanding students.

When I am not teaching I spend my time on Iona, A small Scottish island in the Inner Hebrides and it is here that I take inspiration for my own practice. The colours can be magical, not just the vibrant blues and greens of a sunlit sea, but also the more subtle hues found in the shallows. My latest body of work relates to natural forms and textures found on the many white sand beaches. I have used fusing and casting techniques to explore and abstract the myriad of colours that can be found in the smallest object and to translate this information into final pieces incorporating detailed form and texture.

Chris MacCormick

A selection of Chris’ work which is available at Oran Creative Crafts is shown below.

A selection of items including square dishes of assorted sizes, coasters, candle holder, handkerchief vase etc.  These items can be made in a variety of colourways in either check or strip design.

These lightcatchers have shell imprints and are approximately  6 – 7cm sq. They have a hole drilled at one corner but can be produced with a second hole at the opposite corner to allow for them to be strung together. Each lightcatcher retails at £7.50

Little fish dishes come in 3 sizes with 1, 2, or 3 fish painted and fired into the glass.

8cm x 8cm / 1 fish   £12.00

10cm x 10cm / 2 fish  £18.50

13cm x 13cm / 3 fish  £28.00

Dishes such as these can be of square or rectangular. They can be made in a variety of colourways.

13cm x 13cm             £24.00

16cm x 16cm             £32.00

25cm x 25cm             £45.00

30cm x 30cm             £65.00

25cm x 36cm             £65.00

Square and rectangular tartan style dishes as shown are also available.

13cm x 13cm       £28.00

16cmx 16cm        £35.00

25cm x 25cm       £50.00

30cmx30cm         £70.00

Kiln carving is a method of depicting images and patterns in fused glass.  These square trinity dishes come in two sizes.

8cm x 8cm             £12.00

11cm x 11cm         £18.50

Iridescent glass has a colourful sheen to its surface. These dishes are in blue colourways with threads of glass added to form an abstract pattern.

8cm x 8cm             £15.00

11cm x 11cm £25.00

Each of these small ring dishes are individual and slightly deeper in form. They can be produced in a variety of colourways.

8cm x 8 cm               £15.00

Wavy dishes and platters are formed by fusing overlapping wavy strips of sea coloured glass. Each dish is unique.

30cm x 10cm        £35.00

37cm x 12cm        £55.00

37cm x 18cm        £75.00

Picture shows dish 37cm x 18cm.

Handkerchief vases are available in a variety of colourways and designs. They are all individual and vary in size from 12cm – 15cm in height with a base of approximately 2.5cm.

Priced from £45.00 –  £55.00

Each fluted bowl is unique with a merging of colours determined by the type of glass and how the glass flows from a reservoir when fired in a kiln. Please contact to discuss specific requirements.

Fluted bowl of approx. 32cm diameter   £110.00

Unique cast glass pieces are available to order. These vary in size, colour and pictorial content. Please contact for further information and to discuss specific requirements.