Jana McLellan

“Breagh lona”- Beautiful lona…

…was founded in 2005 by Jana McLellan. Jana was one of the original members of our Oran Creative Crafts Cooperative. She chose the name for her business, because the moment she stepped of the Iona ferry for the first time in 1999, Jana was struck by the beauty of the turquoise seas, the way that light and shadow play on the rocks, by the wide-open skies and by the peace and tranquillity of this amazing island. Jana worked for 3 years for the Iona Community and in that time, she discovered her love for all things creative (for making things?).

Jana enjoys creating a wide range of crafts, from candles, felted soaps, decoupage scallop shells, driftwood mobiles to felted sheep. Jana is especially passionate about the incredible variety of ancient stones that can be found on Iona’s ever-changing shores. Many of her crafts reflect this passion, like her Iona Marble key rings, Iona Balancing Stones, Iona stone fridge magnets and polished Iona marble meditation stones. Jana also wrote a “Stone Meditation” that contains the meditation, a rolled beeswax candle and a beautiful Iona stone.

When Jana is not busy making things, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her two teenage children, going kayaking and gardening.

In her role as an Iona Tour Guide Jana is leading guided tours and Pilgrimages. This gives her a chance to share her love for the history and the people of this stunning little island.